Getting A Great Caffeine Hit

We love coffee. From waking in the morning, to the last hot drink of the night, coffee is our first choice whenever the kettle boils. While some people refrain from stimulants too close to bed time, it’s not a problem we’ve ever noticed in getting off to sleep.

Many people, just like us, have also discovered that you can go far further that instant coffee at home, with everything from the 80s style hugely popular percolator to vending machines built for home use (although they’re admittedly more intended for novelty value than for coffee nerds like me).

We are particularly big fans of grinding our coffee beans at home, whether that’s in an all singing, all dancing bean to cup machine, or to put into a lesser coffee maker. It still gives a much fuller and fresher flavour than the shop bought variety that comes pre ground in foil, although that in turn wins hands down every time over the instant granules.

So, use and abuse our knowledge and information here at Heartless Adrenaline, and get a heart pumping hit of caffeine goodness to the brain, to help you pick your perfect percolator, greatest grinder or best brewer for your kitchen!