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All us web designers have our quicks; some of us actually do use IE and others would rather use PS than code, but here are some general quirks of web designers. Test your geekiness.
Feel free to submit a quirk and perhaps it'll be here someday.

You've applied or have had a job in the web design industry.
You have doodles and notes of website layouts and/or code on your papers.
You've worked for more than 5 hours straight on a project.
When you're doing traditional art such as painting or drawing, you've thought of using Photoshop and/or coding techniques to try to complete it.
You try to figure out the font type on different things such as signs and books.
A new idea or interest = new site.
You have a collection of code snippets or brushes or website screenshots or anything similar.
"I like that piece of artwork" = new layout idea.
You have 5 or more internet browsers on your computer.
You've used a website and/or graphics for school.
You own 5 or more domains.
You constantly critique the design and functionality of other websites.
You've dreamt about web design.
Colours are no longer "yellow" and "purple-ish red" but #ff0000 and #660033.
You've spent more than $100 on website-related costs (domain names, hosting, etc.).
You're well aware that many websites and web designers are overpriced because they can be.
You've lost coding and/or graphics and then did them over again.
You use keyboard shortcuts with 4 fingers.
You're very familiar with at least 6 different web languages.
When they need some code, who do they call?* You.
You have and know your own style of coding grammar.
You've had a deep conversation about web design with someone before, whether online or in person.
You like a site, you check the source.
You know the controversy over using IE.
You agree that web designers should know their coding stuff before earning the elitist title of "Web designer."

You are % web design geek.

0-20% I'm sorry, but you're just not a web design geek.
21-40% You are a baby web designer.
41-60% You're somewhat geeky.
61-80% You're almost there.
81-100% You're pretty darn geeky.

* If you get this quote, props to you.


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