30th January 2014

Heartless celebrated its 4th birthday on the 16th but unfortunately, I think it's time to leave this site behind. The domain expires on Christmas so there's still time for me to change my mind but frankly, I think it's money that's put into something I really don't have time for.

I'm debating keeping one website and one website only to help document and test layouts but even though I still love web design, I haven't had time for it and I'm not a fan of making graphics for other people anymore. I've debated writing more articles and creating more layouts for others' use but that has been done with little success. If I do keep a website, it likely will be Heartless, but still - no promises. And I might give it a revamp to seem more like Deathleigh.

It's been a great pastime but it's time to move on.


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